How Can a Luxury, Pop-up Picnic Help You?

Luxury picnics, a trendy 2.0 version of how we picnic’d as a child, are “popping up” around the nation. Entrepreneurs everywhere are creating beautiful tablescapes for their customers to enjoy. When looking at these breathtaking table settings, out of this world decor, and spectacular picnic add-ons, you stop and ask yourself; why is it so… Continue reading How Can a Luxury, Pop-up Picnic Help You?

Friends to Business Partners

Pocono Picnic, LLC is the first picnic company that serves all things picnic around the Pocono Area. We are long-time friends, who realized during this recent Pandemic how important it is to create experiences and memories with family and friends. We aim to provide an atmosphere that our customers will absolutely love and create memories.… Continue reading Friends to Business Partners